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MyOutcomes UK® is committed to providing a state-of-the-art training program that will help you become more effective in helping your clients become more successful in achieving their therapeutic goals. MyOutcomes® UK offers a flexible training program that can be tailored to your unique needs.

To assist you in determining your needs, we encourage you to complete the Feedback Readiness Index and Fidelity Measure (FRIFM). The FRIFM is a checklist that will help you evaluate your training needs and develop an implementation plan. The FRIFM can be found in the 10-Steps to Success, A Guide to Becoming a Feedback Informed System of Care.

We also offer organizations with five or more providers a free 30-minute Agency Implementation Consultation. This implementation consultation is designed to assess the needs of your organization and ensure that critical elements are in place so that your use of MyOutcomes® UK will be an all around success.

As well, we offer FIT eLearning, which is based on the most up to date research about outcomes in talk therapy and behavioral health services. The course is organized around a set of 4 core competencies developed by Scott D. Miller and colleagues at the International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE).

Once your needs are identified, you have the choice of purchasing individual training modules or buying a training package:

  • Individual online hours, ideal for clinical consultations or single training modules ($250/hr)
  • The Basic Package includes four hours of online training ($850)
  • The Regular Package includes eleven hours of online training ($2338)
  • The Advanced Package includes sixteen hours of online training ($3400)
  • FIT eLearning includes twelve hours of online training ($179 per person)

When purchasing packages, you are able to distribute and focus your training time across whichever training modules you feel will provide the most benefit. The advantages of purchasing a package is that the “per module cost” is reduced compared to buying modules individually. In the event that any staff will miss the online training session(s), we also offer an option for recording the training sessions so that your staff can take advantage of the training at a later time.

Training can be purchased via credit card, PayPal, or cheque.


Once you have taken advantage of the free implementation consultation and Ten Steps to Success Guide, here are some of the modules you can choose from:

  1. MyOutcomes® UK 101: The Basics

    This is a basic-level training module that familiarizes the user with the basic setup of MyOutcomes® UK. It provides an overview of the MyOutcomes® UK features, navigation, creating accounts, using the ORS & SRS, the Dashboard as well as special client cases such as children, spouses and feedback sources.

  2. Understanding & Creating the Feedback Informed Culture

    This is a basic-level training module that is ideal for agencies and organizations that have providers and supervisors who are unfamiliar or have a limited experience with the rationale for using the PCOMS to monitor client progress and the therapeutic alliance. As it is important for all members to be invested so that the optimal advantage is obtained from using MyOutcomes® UK tools, this module focuses on what does and does not work in psychotherapy, what is a feedback informed approach, how MyOutcomes® UK acts as a partner for providers and what advantages MyOutcomes® UK offers to agencies, organizations and practices.

  3. Incorporating MyOutcomes® UK into Therapy

    This is a basic-level, Provider-focused training module. This module focuses on techniques for introducing the ORS and SRS to the client, scoring and interpreting the ORS and SRS, as well as incorporating the clients’ scores into therapy.

  4. An Introduction to Advanced Techniques

    This is a basic-level, Provider-focused training module. The focus is on using the PCOMS and MyOutcomes® UK with special groups such as children & families, couples, feedback sources, and groups.

  5. Using Dashboard Tools to Monitor At-risk Clients

    This is a basic-level training module that focuses on using MyOutcomes® UK to track progress and improve effectiveness.

  6. Using MyOutcomes® UK to Improve Provider Outcomes

    This is a basic-level, Supervisor-focused module. This module focuses on how supervisors can use data generated by MyOutcomes® UK to assist providers in identifying areas for continuous quality improvement.

  7. Interpreting the Measures

    This is an intermediate-level training module. It addresses interpreting the data, identifying patterns that clients are demonstrating, using graphs, reading the trajectories, and understanding effect size.

  8. The Measures – Reporting for Supervisors

    This is an intermediate-level, Supervisor-focused training module. It addresses monitoring inactive clients and active clients and understanding how they affect the stats.

  9. Implementation – How to Keep the Momentum for Supervisor

    This is an intermediate-level, Supervisor/Administrator-focused module. This module focuses on techniques and methods that can be used to keep developing a feedback informed approach and ensure that Providers are able to access the strengths of MyOutcomes UK and enhance their professional development.

  10. Clinical Consultation

    This refers to any interaction with the trainer that is not part of the implementation consultation or one of the training modules that has the purpose of improving use of MyOutcomes UK in a feedback-informed culture. Clinical Consultation can be used for such things as Q & A sessions, elaboration of specific points raised in the training modules, or addressing specific case histories.

    Training can be purchased via credit card, PayPal, or cheque. If you would like to purchase training, click the button below.


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