An Introduction to MyOutcomes® UK

by Dianne Tetley, Assistant Director of Research, Effectiveness and Innovation at Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, and co-creator with Sami Timimi of the Outcomes Orientated Approaches to the Delivery of Mental health Services (OO-AMHS).

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Mental health disorders are increasing in prevalence year after year, with a quarter of all adults now estimated to experience some form of mental health issue within the course of a year.

MyOutcomes® UK is a secure, web-based automatic feedback and data management system that supports the practical application of an Outcomes Orientated Approach to the delivery of Mental Health Services (OO-AMHS). Before and after a session with a practitioner, the patient inputs feedback into an app using two brief measures: The Outcome and Session Rating Scales (ORS and SRS) to check patient functioning and the quality of the therapeutic alliance. MyOutcomes® UK displays a graphical interpretation of this feedback that enables clinicians to assess a patient’s progress in real-time with ‘flags’ to alert clinicians where there is little or no improvement. Reports can be created from aggregated data to enable clinicians and managers to monitor therapeutic outcomes by case-load, team, or service and will be useful for generating recovery and service activity metrics.

Commercial licenses to use MyOutcomes® UK are available with the potential to sell to mental health providers, nationally and internationally. eLearning modules are included in the license fee and optional face-to-face training is also available (approved by the British Psychological Society).


  • A low cost method of obtaining quantifiable session by session feedback
  • Promotes development of positive therapeutic relationships
  • Saves costs through reducing ineffective treatment, ‘Did Not Attends’ and by increasing recovery rates
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