Congratulations on your decision to go with the MyOutcomes® UK tool!

In 2015, the developers of the Outcome Orientated Approach to the delivery of Mental Health Services (OO-AMHS) established an alliance with MyOutcomes® and MyOutcomes® UK was born. MyOutcomes® UK uses a secure, web-based automatic feedback and data management system that supports the practical application of the PCOMS approach. OO-AMHS is a UK adaptation of the PCOMS transformational approach to service delivery and involves a whole service model built upon a sound evidence-base.

It takes only two minutes for clients to fill in MyOutcomes® UK’s two computerized assessments. In this ultra-brief span, the PCOMS process — as proven by at least seven peer-reviewed studies — can double and possibly even triple the effectiveness of their therapy. Through online video training, psychotherapy or coaching practice you can start implementing this revolutionary approach in as little as three hours, increasing your effectiveness overnight and reducing the number of treatment sessions required by clients.

MyOutcomes® UK will help practitioners, supervisors and services to:

  • Identify when a patient has reached likely maximum expected benefits from services received thereby avoiding ‘stuck cases’ and over utilisation of services
  • Identify individuals at risk of poor clinical outcomes, helping to avoid early ‘drop-out’ from treatment and ‘Did Not Attends’ (DNAs)
  • Promote development of positive therapeutic relationships and promote dialogue between patient and practitioner, ensuring the service responds to patient preferences
  • Increased recovery rates
  • Reduce long-term use of services
  • Reduce waiting list times
  • Reduce Did Not Attend (DNA) rates
  • Reduce early drop-out from treatment
  • Improved therapeutic efficiency
  • Increase the return on Investment (ROI)
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